do all these anti johnlockers even realize that their shitty arguments are exactly WHY mofftiss are doing this? ‘I can’t imagine seeing them kiss’ ‘john cannot be bi because he’s married to a woman’, ‘johnlock should remain unspoken, ambiguous’ please, refer to the bbc report, you will probably find your arguments under *uncomfortable heterosexuals* and see what bbc has to say about what should be done about people who put such arguments forward

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soulmate AU where you wake up on your 18th birthday with the first words your soulmate will say to you tattooed on your body so you’ll know them when you meet them


admittedly, there are a few bugs in the system

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I’m not mad because Dominic said that Kieren and Simon are not in love with each other.


Well, a little bit, but It’s fine. It’s too soon. They’ve known each other from….weeks? months? And too many things have happened, they didn’t have the time to seriously think about that.
Clearly there’s something between them, the feelings are there. They just need to grow. As Dominic said, it’s only the beginning.
This is why we need another season, i want to see Kieren love someone and be happy and free. And Simon really needs love too.


Anonymous asked:

do you also find it kind of annoying how maxine is the villain and is black?

fuckity fuck Answer:




No, no I do not find it annoying, because Maxine being the ‘villain’ has nothing to do with her being black. You are essentially saying that black people can never play a villainous character because it’s racist - and that is racist. The reason, I can only assume, that Maxine is black, is because the actor is, and the actor was given that role because she is an adult female with incredible acting talent and the ability to portray the character and personality of Maxine.

You know who else is a villain? Gary. Is Gary black? No.

Colour does not equal personality.